We look forward to meeting your family! We're excited by the opportunity to support and partner with you! We want to be there to encourage you in your journey of spiritual growth and discipleship with each of your children. The following information will help you know what to expect when you join us!
When you arrive for the first time you will need to register your family into our secure check in system. Please visit one of our kiosks and a volunteer will assist you in registering! We use a secure drop-off and pick-up system. Each family will receive name tags and a parent pick up tag with matching numbers. You will need this in pick up tag in order to pick up your children at the end of the service. If you misplace your tag you can show your ID to the director on duty that day.
9:30 am- Children (baby-5th) will check in at the kiosks in the lobby each Sunday to check into their class and receive a name tag and parent pick up tag. Care and classes available at 9:30 service and 11:15 Sunday school.
Infant and Beginner Nursery is staffed with Godly and nurturing caregivers that your littlest ones are sure to love!
Children in the Beginner Nursery will learn how much God loves them through a short lesson time and loving caregivers.
Preschool (Potty Trained 3's)-Kindergarten will be on a journey to discipleship throughout the fall Learning who God is and how much He loves them! Through engaging in activity stations, creative teaching and worship with their group they'll love learning key spiritual truths through our Discipleland curriculum.
Elementary (1-2) will be on an exploration with Dee, Cy and Paul of How We Got the Bible.
They will be treasure hunters and dig for riches more precious than silver and gold!
Our treasure hunters will search to find out where the Bible came from, how it looked in ancient times, and why it is perfect, true, and eternal. 
Elementary (3-5) will be on an exciting investigation into the Book of Acts! Your child will explore how early believers exhibited extraordinary faith! Your child will become an eyewitness reporter, studying the firsthand accounts and solid evidence of Biblical truths in Acts. They'll become a part of the News Investigation Team with Dee, Cy and Paul and learn how to share the Good News with the World around them!
Check out disciplezone.com to discover more of your child's lesson each week!
Join us throughout the fall and winter for
special event nights for you and your kids!
Check back often for registrations and updates as they come.
5:30 pm - Worship Arts Camp is held on the second and fourth Sundays at different times during the year. (Begins Oct 8th) This is a great opportunity for your children to be creative in their worship and learn some new skills. We encourage parents to use this time to join a life group and connect with other families in the community. Please call the church office to find out when the next session begins.
6:30-8:15 PM - Pre-school thru 6th grade join us for AWANA! Starts Sept 13th 2017! 
We play games, sing songs, grow in our relationships with one another and especially with God! We use AWANA curriculum to teach and inspire the children.
Register right HERE for AWANA! Begins Sept 13th 2017-2018 School Year