Are you looking for a clear, navigable path to grow in your understanding of the Bible? Do you face pressing issues in your marriage, parenting, finances, or workplace that you don't know how to handle as a Christian? Do you long to go deeper into the exciting realm of church history or systematic theology? Do you feel unprepared to share the gospel or articulate essential Christian doctrine? 
Across Mayfair's history, our adult Sunday School program has offered a wide variety of great biblical classes. Our aim has always been for every Jesus-follower to be thriving – progressively growing in their relationship with God.
To continue  to facilitate this growth for people of every age and life-stage, we've designed a new, focused plan: a 3-year course schedule of top-notch biblical and theological education geared to equip you for the challenges and questions of life.
Get equipped. Experience Growth. For God's Glory.
Survey the EQUIP course schedule below. Click the button below to sign-up today! 
Fall 2019 
  • The Story of the Church: Church History 101 (Teacher: Scott Young) 
  • Grace-Based Parenting (Teachers: Matt & Karen Pearson, Dale & Melissa Emery) 
  • Evangelism: Share The Story (Teacher: Lenny LaRocca) 
  • The Big Picture: Narrative of the Bible (Teacher: Dr. Darrell Foltz) 
  • New Connections: Discovering Mayfair (Teacher: Pastor Michael Breznau) 
Winter 2020
  • We Believe: Core Christian Doctrines (Teacher: Jim Carrel) 
  • Retro Marriage: Christ-Centered Union (Teachers: Dr. Pat & Rebecca Hawley, Mike & Kim Smith)
  • Discipleship Defined (Teachers: Matt Pearson & Lenny LaRocca) 
  • The Bible Alive! How to Study God's Word (Teacher: TBA)  
  • New Connections: Discovering Mayfair (Teacher: Pastor Michael Breznau) 
Spring 2020 
  • Creation Science (Teacher: Mike Thomas) 
  • Retooling Work: Theology of Work, Rest, & Recreation (Teacher: TBA) 
  • World Missions: Perspectives (Teacher: TBA)
  • Teacher Training 101: How To Teach All Ages (Teachers: TBA) 
  • New Connections: Discovering Mayfair! (Teacher: Pastor Michael Breznau) 
Sunday Specialty Groups
  • UNLIMITED: An inspiring, fun gathering for developmentally or physically disabled adults and teens. (Teacher: Cheryl MacAskill) 
  • BEACONS: Seniors spreading God's light! Course: NT Snapshot (Teacher: Mark Alberts) 
  • STRAIGHT TALK: A class focused on the deep, real needs that women face. (Teacher: Anne Bundy) 
Fall 2019 
  • Financial Peace University (Teacher: Tom Rench) - separate sign-up below
  • Explore God (Facilitators: Matt Pearson and Anne Bundy)  
  • REFOCUS Praise and Prayer 
Winter 2020
  • REFOCUS Praise and Prayer
Spring 2020 
  • Explore God (Leader: TBA)  
  • REFOCUS Praise and Prayer