Are you looking for a clear, navigable path to grow in your understanding of the Bible? Do you face pressing issues in your marriage, parenting, finances, or workplace that you don't know how to handle as a Christian? Do you long to go deeper into the exciting realm of church history or systematic theology? Do you feel unprepared to share the gospel or articulate essential Christian doctrine? 
Across Mayfair's history, our adult Sunday School program has offered a wide variety of great biblical classes. Our aim has always been for every Jesus-follower to be thriving – progressively growing in their relationship with God.
To continue  to facilitate this growth for people of every age and life-stage, we've designed a new, focused plan: a 3-year course schedule of top-notch biblical and theological education geared to equip you for the challenges and questions of life.
Get equipped. Experience Growth. For God's Glory.
Survey the EQUIP course schedule below. Click the button below to sign-up today! 
Fall 2021
The Battle Plan for Prayer
Teachers: Tom Rench and Charles & Diane Breznau
Is your prayer life stagnant? Do you feel like God isn't hearing or answering your prayers? We will be watching and experiencing a video bible study by Stephen & Alex Kendrick's on how to totally transform your prayer life. Answering questions on the keys to prayer, types of prayer, praying in faith and scheduled prayer. This class will encourage and help all believers of all ages.
Islam and Christianity
Teacher: Jerry Demick
The main goal of the class is to understand the theological differences between Islam and Christianity with a view toward building an informed witness. The class will compare four main doctrines in both religions: the doctrine of God; man, sin, and salvation; the function of prophets; and the doctrine of Scripture. The class will also cover the status of Islam in America and suggestions for cultural appropriateness with Muslims.
Proverbs Practical Precepts
Teacher: Dr. Darrell Foltz
We will be doing a subject study of the Book of Proverbs. Thirteen lessons to help us understand the mind of God concerning our daily lives. It will be profitable for everyone.
Specialty Groups
New Connections
Teacher: Pastor Michael Breznau
Learn more about Mayfair in our New Connections Class! Pastor Michael will walk you through the history of Mayfair, our core beliefs, and get to know you in this group. This class is the first step in becoming a member of Mayfair Bible Church.
\Elijah (Women's Bible Study)
Teacher: Dilcia LaRocca
Join Priscilla Shirer in a 7-session video bible study on the life of Elijah. In this faith-building study, you’ll discover how Elijah’s obedience to God kept him anchored, sharpened his faith, broadened his impact, and invited heaven’s fire to fall. God is also working in your life today to fashion a fiery, bold faith that will empower you to share the hope of Christ with your family, friends, co-workers, and community.
Straight Talk (Women's Group)
Teacher: Anne Bundy
We will be studying “Daily Life in the Times of Jesus,” as seen through the life and parables of our Lord Jesus. To provide a safe environment, ladies attending this class are asked to wear a mask unless fully vaccinated.
Fire and Faithfulness (Teen Girls Only)
Teacher: Elevate Leaders
In this four-session series with Sadie Robertson Huff, discover the lost art of faithfulness in the face of a world that wants nothing to do with God. Trek through the story of four young Israelites who, when ripped from their homes, faced a choice: remain faithful followers in a foreign land, or bow before an empire that hated God.
Disciplines of a Godly Young Man (Teen Boys Only)
Teacher: Robert Blazer
It is much easier to coast through life living in the status quo as a Christian. But at some point in a young man’s life, he comes to a crossroads. Will he be disciplined to pursue Christ diligently? In this equip course we will cover various topics of Godly discipline: discipline of… godliness, purity, friendship, mind, devotion and prayer, worship, integrity, tongue, perseverance, and others.
Winter 2022
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Spring 2022
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Fall 2021
  • REFOCUS Praise and Prayer
Winter 2022
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Spring 2022
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