We're in this together.
The COVID-19 crisis has gripped our attention, inflicted suffering, and changed every imaginable rhythm of life. Work schedules, school routines, and even church gatherings have all faced a season of re-innovation. 
Take a deep breath. Pause. 
Remember... God loves you. Jesus our Rescuer is still good. He is completing a jigsaw puzzle plan that we often cannot see or understand (see Romans 8:28-32). In fact, we believe God often uses seasons like this to...
...draw us nearer to Him
...inspire us to love one another and our neighbor
...grow us in patience, endurance, and depth of soul. 
Update: We've Begun Regathering!
After 12 weeks of facility closure and suspension of in-person programming, we've begun re-gathering! Safety protocols and certain limitations are in place. We hope you can join us. 
As of August, we also successfully relaunched our THRIVE Kids ministry for nursery - 5th grace. 
Fall Ministry Plan

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, launch dates and ministry schedules have changed. All plans remain flexible. Take a careful look at this news: 

  • 2 Sunday Worship Services: In love to those who are higher-risk, we'll be offering a masks-required service at 9:15AM beginning this Sunday. 
  • Our 10:45AM service will continue to be masks recommended but not required. THRIVE Kids (nursery-5th grade) will be offered only for the 10:45AM service. However, the infant nursery will be open to mommies and their children at the 9:15AM service. The Library will also be open for anyone desiring to pray during the 9:15AM Service. 
  • Sunday 9:15AM classes for all ages (EQUIP Courses, Elevate Youth, Thrive Kids) will remain on pause. We believe that God is directing us into a season of resetting and renewal as we come to Him for rest (Matt. 11:28-30). Therefore, our primary focus on Sundays will be to help the whole church family return to in-person worship over the next couple months. 
  • Wednesday night family ministries: tentatively, to begin Oct. 7th. This includes AWANA for preK-5th grade, ELEVATE student ministries for 6th-12th grade, and ReFOCUS Prayer + New Connections for all adults. 
  • THRIVE Group sign-ups will begin next Sunday. We believe that THRIVE Groups - as small, home-based collectives of believers - are essential to our spiritual growth in prayer, the Word, and spiritual service. If you're not in a THRIVE Group, look for our online sign-up plan rolling out next week or click here today:

Pizza with the Pastors
If you’re interested in learning more about Mayfair Bible Church or how you can have a deeper relationship with Jesus, please consider joining us for Pizza with the Pastors this Sunday and next Sunday, immediately following the 10:45AM worship service. Our pastors would love to meet you and answer any questions you may have. This gathering is a brief, informal, and fun gathering for the whole family. Location: the Atrium area adjacent the Library. 

Click on the button to read through our 3-Phase Regathering Plan and safety measures:

Be the Church @ Home.
We invite you to experience a profound joy, peace, and strength through fully engaging in our online gatherings and ministries. We view this online format as short-term compromise to protect and care for our community, not for long-term convenience. Connect into the Mayfair Community with these links (tap on blue): 
THRIVE Kids Storytime: 10AM LIVE on Mayfair's Facebook Page
WORSHIP Service: 10:45AM LIVE on Mayfair's Facebook Page  and on our YouTube Channel 
Pastor Dale's 3 Min. Video Devo: 5:00pm LIVE in the Mayfair @ Prayer Facebook Group 
THRIVE Kids Storytime: 12noon LIVE on Mayfair's Facebook Page
ReFOCUS Praise & Prayer: 7PM LIVE on Mayfair's Facebook Page  and on our YouTube Channel 
Pastor Keegan's 3 Min. Video Devo: 5:00pm LIVE in the Mayfair @ Prayer Facebook Group 
Food-Supply Hub Distribution: Begins at 12noon. More details: on Mayfair's Facebook Page
Pastor Michael's Connection Points Video: 2PM LIVE on Mayfair's Facebook Page
Virtual Church Foyer.
We encourage you to join us promptly at 10:45AM on Sundays and at 7PM on Wednesdays for the most mutually beneficial and encouraging experience. We've found the "live" comments and conversations on Facebook to be a pretty awesome "virtual" church foyer. There's been lots of uplifting, soul-edifying, "real-time" interaction! Boy, we sure miss you all and cannot wait to see you all again for real!  CLICK HERE
Step into a Circle.
Tuning into a LIVE service or prayer meeting will give you encouragement and renewed hope in the Gospel. However, we all, now more than ever, need face-to-face and heart-to-heart relationship. If you're not plugged into a THRIVE Group (or your group is currently inactive) please contact us immediately (office@mayfairbible.org or 810-733-7130) so that we can bring you into the circle of a THRIVE Group that is meeting over ZOOM or a similar video-conferencing platform. 
Engage with the entire church family and focused subsets by joining these great collectives:
COVID-19 Crisis Survey.
By God's grace, we're journeying through this time of crisis as a family, rather than as isolated individuals. Many needs are arising within our church and local community. We anticipate these needs will become more pronounced in the days ahead. Although we cannot resolve every concern, we are aiming to discover how we can serve as the church even when we're not "at church," especially during the COVID-19 lock-down.

Please click the button below to complete a 1 minute survey about how we can help you, your family, and our community during these uncertain times.
Read our Lead Pastor's Response to the COVID-19 Crisis by tapping here: 
Come THRIVE with us. 
          Do you feel like your life is on survival mode? Are family issues, finances, or fears pressing down on you? We know exactly what that feels like, too. The needs of our children and community keep rising. Most of our leaders express uncertainty about what we should do. Ideas are many, but solutions are few. 
While there are many noble political projects and community initiatives, we believe the ultimate source for transformation is not found in a program but in a Person: Jesus Christ. His love heals. His power frees. His hope restores. He moves people from barely surviving to joyfully thriving. 
Come thrive with us. We can't promise all your problems will be erased. But we know beyond a shadow of doubt that fear, guilt, and shame can be replaced by faith, hope, and love through Jesus, the rescuing and redeeming Savior. 

90 years ago a husband and wife began a little place of God’s love in the City of Flint, called the Gospel Lighthouse, in what was then known as the Mayfair neighborhood. Their small gathering to help young children experience life in Jesus grew person-by-person and family-by-family into what is now known as Mayfair Bible Church. 

Today, we are still all about the Good News in a community desperate for it. 
About 40 years ago, God moved us slightly west of our original location. But the epicenter of our mission is still where it all began: Flint and her surrounding communities. 
God is creating good news stories all around us. 
...Like a young man struggling through school but now serving in full-time mission work
...Like a woman rescued from sex-trafficking now healthy and thriving
...Like a retiree that lost direction now living with joy and purpose 
...Like a former crack cocaine user and dealer now free and full of strength 
...Like a man who was a homeless alcoholic now a leader among us

God is weaving an amazing story of good news and we invite you to join us on this journey of seeing our city and county transformed by thriving followers of Jesus.
We invite you to thrive... to come alive and flourish through God's grace and truth. Tap on the button below to discover more about our mission and doctrine: 
What will you encounter on Sunday mornings @ Mayfair? 
You'll have the opportunity to... 
  • Meet new friends and neighbors in a non-confrontational environment
  • Enjoy vibrant, Christ-exalting music with a contemporary flavor 
  • Hear creative, practical, and understandable messages from the Bible that will guide and encourage you each week
  • Trust your children to the care of dedicated and trained workers (all our volunteers are carefully screened and background checked): Click on THRIVE Kids below to go to our children's ministry page. 

Our Gatherings

OFFICE HOURS 9 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday
10:45 am - Morning Worship (Nursery - 5 Year Old classes provided in THRIVE Kids)
In the event of bad weather or unsafe road conditions, the cancellation of services will be posted in a banner located at the top of this website and on our Facebook page.