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September 2022

The Journey to Praise (Psalm 139)

What Are You Working For?

August 2022

What Are You Waiting For?

What are You Watching For?

The Good Shepherd

Who Gets into the Kingdom?

July 2022

Would I Be Your Neighbor?


The Eternal Value of Worthless Money

Bigger Banks and Barns

Blinding Pride vs. Transforming Grace

Pastor Angel Garcia

June 2022

Don’t Miss the Party!

Forgiven Yet Unforgiving

God’s Vineyard of Grace | Church at the Park 2022

The Full Armor of God | Missionary Randy Hillebrand

May 2022

Gospel Seed in Heart Soil | Matthew 13:1-23

Lost & Found | Luke 15:11-31


God’s Heart of Joy | Luke 15:1-10


God’s Second Greatest Most Precious Gift to Humanity | Mother’s Day

A Family for Everybody

April 2022

One Mission: Belong, Thrive, Go

Satan’s Crosshairs and Christ’s Victory | WAR Part 7


Good Friday Service

Battle Ready: Word and Prayer (Eph. 6:17-20) WAR Series Part 6

Battle Ready: Peace, Faith, and Salvation | WAR Series Part 5