August 2017

“Heaven is Real”


“Informed and Incentivized”


“Transient People in Threshold Times”


July 2017

“Attack of the Heart – Character Creep”


“Adopting God’s Values”


“The Trials of Jesus”


June 2017

“Co-laborers with Christ”


“Faithful Like My Father”


“Jesus Arrested”


“The Sorrowful Savior and His Sleepy Disciples”


May 2017

“Attack of the Heart – Discontentment”


“Grace in Gear”


“A Mother’s Comfort”


“Leading from the Front”


April 2017

“A Beautiful Sacrifice and a Stealthy Betrayal”


“Be Together”


“When the Tables are Turned”


“Sensing and Seizing Our Opportunity”


March 2017

“Here Comes the Bridegroom”


“God’s Unexpected Grace”