March 2017

“Because No One but the Father Knows…”


“The Sign of the Son of Man”


February 2017

“The Time of Jacob’s Trouble”


“The First Half”


“The Beginning of Birth Pains”


“The Rapture Happens Next”


January 2017

“The Story of Redeeming Love”


“The Seven ‘Woes’ of Jesus”


“Spiritual Leaders None Should Follow”


“Lessons on Choosing a Leader”


“Experiencing Harmony in the Church in 2017”


December 2016

“A Call to Praise”


“A Call to Protect”


“A Call to Provide”


“The Call to Prepare”


November 2016

“The Pre-Existing Conditions of Thankfulness”


“Trick Questions and Truthful Answers”


“The Stewardship of Giving – Core Value #10”


“Modeling Jesus”


October 2016

“A Trilogy of Provocative Parables”