October 2016

“Ultimate Authority”


“Be Courageous”


“Palm Sunday: A Day of Significant Insignificance”


July 2016

Childlike Humility & Faith


June 2016

Jesus’ Teaching on Divorce


A Love He Can Feel


The Biblical Design for Marriage & Family – Core Value #6


May 2016

Little Children and the Kingdom – Part 2


Little Children and the Kingdom – Part 1


Treat Her with Respect


Tough Words, Temple Taxes and Tilapia


April 2016

Mountain Moving Faith


The Majestic Power of the Second Coming


Approaching the Throne of Grace Core Value #5


March 2016

The Savior, Self-Denial and the Second Coming


February 2016

The Christ and His Victorious Church


January 2016

Sign-Seeking Skeptics and Slow-Learning Disciples


Grace Truth & Power


Corporate Worship – Core Value #3


December 2015

Christmas Hope…answering when?