December 2015

Christmas Joy…answering what?


Christmas Grace…answers how?


Christmas Love…answering why?


November 2015

The Emptiness of Heartless & Hypocritical Worship


Worshiping in the Aftermath & Always


The Centrality of the Church – Core Value #2


October 2015

The Miraculous Feeding, Part 1


Biblical Foundation – Core Value #1


September 2015

Herod’s Sin-Hardened Heart


An Analysis of Unbelief


The Great Net


August 2015

The Church: Pearl of Great Value


Israel, God’s Hidden Treasure


The Growth of Christendom


When a Plan Comes Together


Sabotage: Weeds Among the Wheat


July 2015

The Parable of the Sower


Saved, but Not Our Doing!


June 2015

The Heart of a Child


Fathering Like Our Heavenly Father