December 2017

“The Christmas Commission”


The Truth Many Seem Desperate to Escape”


November 2017

“The Aftermath of Christ’s Crucifixion”


October 2017

“Supernatural Witnesses to the Christ of Calvary”


“He Did This For Me!”


“The Guilty and the Guiltless One”


“The Mandate and Meaning of Believer’s Baptism”


September 2017

“Everything New”


August 2017

“When Heaven Comes to Earth”


“Heaven is Real”


“Informed and Incentivized”


“Transient People in Threshold Times”


July 2017

“The Trials of Jesus”


June 2017

“Faithful Like My Father”


“Jesus Arrested”


“The Sorrowful Savior and His Sleepy Disciples”


May 2017

“Grace in Gear”


“A Mother’s Comfort”


“Leading from the Front”


April 2017

“A Beautiful Sacrifice and a Stealthy Betrayal”


“When the Tables are Turned”


“Sensing and Seizing Our Opportunity”


March 2017

“Here Comes the Bridegroom”


“Because No One but the Father Knows…”


“The Sign of the Son of Man”